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Henny Penny Hen Houses - Hand Made in Yorkshire - Est 2012

About Us

Penny Roberts

Henny Penny Hen Houses is a genuine family run business, inspired by Penny Robert’s love of chicken farming and design. We love chickens and the essence of a happy life is a happy home and that is exactly what we build for our girls. 

The Beginnings of Henny Penny

Our business began with a rather expensive and disappointing Christmas present.  What should have been the chicken coop of our dreams turned out to be a nightmare assemblage of soft timber and a piece of paper with indecipherable instructions.  Despite our best efforts the result was fit for neither man nor beast.  As a designer Penny could not resist the challenge of designing and building her perfect hen house so we pulled together and that’s what we did.

The Story of a Hen House of Dreams

Penny started with a dream that became a list, she says: “I wanted to design light and spacious poultry housing which would be practical and look charming and attractive in any garden. My wish list also included a design that would be easy to clean out and easy to move. Above all, the build quality and materials used had to be of the very highest standard, so much so that they would last for many, many years.”

“Soon my very first Henny Penny Hen House was completed. Built to my exacting standards (nothing’s too much for my girls!), it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. My young son Charlie agreed, and lost no time in re-housing our hens from the old coop to the new Henny Penny Hen House. He absolutely adores ‘his girls’ as they are now known. And being such characters they really do make a great addition to the family.”

From One House to Many...

Penny realised that if she had to build her own hen house then there would be other people like herself who would want beautiful homes for their beloved chickens and so Henny Penny Hen Houses was born.  Every hen house is built to Penny’s demanding specifications. Skilled craftsmen build each one with love.  We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy using the coops as much as we’ve enjoyed building them.

Built in Yorkshire and Tested in Yorkshire

We call Yorkshire “God’s own country”, but we know he’s got a funny sense of humour and likes to send us wind, rain, and lashings of ice and snow.  For a chicken coop to be worth its salt it has to be able to survive a winter on the Yorkshire Moors.  So you know when you get a Henny Penny Hen House we’ve tested the prototype in the most rigorous conditions known to Hen or chicken keeper.  We know how to keep cosy and warm in Yorkshire, so we’re sure your girls will be comfortable.  We also have to fend off chickens’ natural predators so each coop is secured against Master Badger and Mr Fox, the most they’ll be able to catch is the smell of safe happy chickens.