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Henny Penny Hen Houses - Hand Made in Yorkshire - Est 2012

Chicken Coops

Henny Penny's premium luxury chicken coops  and runs are built to last by craftsmen from the heart of Yorkshire with its trademark natural thatched roof, attractively cut away to reveal the cottage style windows, it just looks so inviting.

Our traditional looks extend to our use of the highest quality sustainable materials, crafted by hand here in North Yorkshire in the time honoured tradition. These roomy coops are extremely sturdy and built to last, and look beautiful in any garden.

Poultry Housing

Stylish Poultry Housing for your Lifestyle

The biggest investment you are likely to make when keeping chickens is in your poultry housing (coop and run), so it’s important to avoid making a mistake. You need something that will provide safe and secure accommodation for your girls, and which is built to last.   

All Henny Penny housing is supplied with galvanised steel fittings as standard, and put together with screws for extra strength – not staples or nails. The roofing is phenol-faced plywood, which helps to eradicate pests such as red mite - unlike more traditional roofing products.

Our small and medium sized hen coops are fitted with wooden legs or raised wooden skids that make them easy to manoeuvre, as well as keeping the floor dry and protected. Alternatively a pair of cast iron wheels can be specified as an optional extra (our larger houses have these as standard).