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Smite Professional Disinfectant 5ltr Conc.

Smite Professional Disinfectant 5ltr Conc.

This bumper 5ltr container of Smite's Professional Disinfectant Concentrate is a really effective all round cleaner and disinfectant for poultry houses. Not only does it clean it also kills bacteria, viruses, mites. It's a great parasite treatment, effective for the elimination of red mite and their eggs.

This concentrate is the most economical way to purchase this super cleaning product as only a 3-6% dilution required, meaning that a 5 litre bottle can makes up to 170 litres of disinfectant.

Additional Information

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant
  • Kills micro organisms, bacteria and viruses
  • Highly efficient cleaner
  • Removes the build up of waxes and faecal deposits
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Smite Professional Disinfectant 5ltr Conc.

We suggest using this at least once a month in order to keep your housing free from any infestations. Being totally non-toxic and containg no pesticides, this product can be used on any animal housing for total cleaning and parasite removal.