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Egg Display Stand
Egg Display Stand Egg Display Stand Egg Display Stand Egg Display Stand

Egg Display Stand

If you have a regular surplus of eggs then why not offer them for sale in what must be one of the most beautiful home produce stands ever made?

The Henny Penny Egg Display Stand is the perfect partner to any Henny Penny hen house. Designed in the same luxury style with its unique thatched roof and practical features, this beautiful yet sturdy egg display stand will grace any gate or roadside position. 

All the money you make is stored safely in the integrated 'honesty box', and can be put towards offsetting your feed costs whilst having fun at the same time. It’s also a great starter ‘business’ for any enthusiastic little helpers in the family!

Additional Information

  • Hand-built by craftsmen
  • Only the finest quality materials used - "they're built to last"
  • Trademark thatched roof
  • Fully galvanised screws and fittings
  • Pressure treated external timber
  • Lockable honesty box to keep your money safe
  • Chalkboard gable ends to promote your produce
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 60cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 150cm (H)
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Egg Display Stand

Hand-made by craftsmen in our North Yorkshire facility, each stand is constructed from the best quality redwood shiplap timber for strength and durability that's pressure treated with eco-friendly Tanalith for longevity. All fittings are galvanised steel with screws for extra strength and safety.

Our chicken coops come with galvanised steel fittings as standard and are secured with screws for extra strength and safety. The thatched roof is lined with phenol-faced plywood to help eliminate pests such as red mite.

There’s a large yet easily accessible area to store your eggs, egg boxes and other produce such as vegetables, as well as an integrated/lockable ‘honesty box’. Both gable ends have a chalkboard finish for you to detail the day's delicious items you have to offer (chalk supplied)! In fact, with the Henny Penny Egg Display Stand, all you need to start selling eggs are…some eggs!