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Here are some useful links to help you with advice and best practice relating to poultry welfare and environmental issues in relation to your chickens, and sustainable eco-living in general:


The British Hen Welfare Trust

The British Hen Welfare Trust (formerly the Battery Hen Welfare Trust) is a national charity that re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for the British egg industry.


Compassion In World Farming

The leading farm animal welfare charity.

UK Government site with information on the legalities and requirements for those wishing to keep poultry and/or sell poultry products.


Fresh Start For Hens

An independent group with the objective of re-homing ex-commercial hens which would otherwise be slaughtered.


Girlie Gardening

Pink watering cans, lip print wellies, lilac twine! Female gardeners are girlie and proud of it! They design garden accessories, clothing and a host of other outdoor goods which are bright, brash and very feminine.


The Marans Club of Great Britain

The Marans Club was set up in 1950 to encourage the breeding of Marans and to assist breeders in every way. Contains links to reputable Marans' breeders, as well as everything you need to know about this premier breed.


The Poultry Club of Great Britain

Since 1877 this registered charity exists to safeguard the interests of traditional and pure breeds of poultry.


Practical Poultry

As the UK's best selling poultry magazine, Practical Poultry is a great resource for the hobbyist hen lover. They also have a very useful A-Z covering most breeds available today.