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Henny Penny meets BBC1's 'The Apprentice'

28th October 2015

"How many hen houses do you want to sell" was the question posed by Team Versatile's Selina Waterman-Smith on BBC1's 'The Apprentice'.  

Henny Penny founder, Penny Roberts was asked a number of questions about her luxurious poultry palaces by the Team as they decided which items to choose to sell the following day at the 2015 London Pet Show. 

"For me, there can only ever be one answer to this question", said Penny. Team Versatile ultimately decided to choose printed t-shirts and inflatable balloons as their products to sell. Unfortunately the team lost their battle in the Boardroom with Lord Sugar, and one of them got 'fired'. Maybe things would have been different if they'd gone with Henny Penny...

And if you'd like to find out the answer to Selina's question, click here


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