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Smallholder Ex Bats Pellets 20kg

Smallholder Ex Bats Pellets 20kg

These pellets are superior quality feeds for all ex-battery hens, providing them with optimum nutrition when they need it most.

This unique blend is specially formulated to meet their increased nutritional needs, as well as promoting weight gain. In fact it supports all of the hen’s body systems, giving your hens the best start to their new life with you. 

The Ex-Bats range can also be used as an excellent conditioning feed for any poultry, particularly older birds.


Additional Information

  • Contains Oil 5.5%
  • Protein 17%
  • Fibre 4.5%
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Smallholder Ex Bats Pellets 20kg

Ex-Bats Pellets provide increased, high quality protein for strong and healthy feather growth. They contain sources of Omega 3 oils for healthy joints, plumage and eggs, elevated calcium levels help to guard against brittle bones and osteoporosis, and boosted levels of Vitamin E provide extra anti-oxidants to help the body recover from stress and to ensure good health.