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Chicken Coop Liner (large)
Chicken Coop Liner (large) Chicken Coop Liner (large) Chicken Coop Liner (large)

Chicken Coop Liner (large)

Cleaning out your chickens each week is always a pleasure! But you can make your life a lot easier if you use one of our labour-saving Chicken Coop liners.

Made from tough low density polyethylene which is then laminated on both sides with high density polyethylene, these tarpaulin liners are also waterproof, rotproof and shrinkproof.

After you clean your coop, lay out the liner so that it covers as much floor area as possible, and then put the girls’ bedding on top. And when you’re next ready to clean the coop, simply pull the corners together and put the whole lot into your wheelbarrow. A quick brush inside for the final bit of bedding and you’re away!

Additional Information

  • Waterproof/rotproof/shrinkproof
  • Easy to handle
  • Eyelets every metre
  • Suitable for the ‘Manor House’ & ‘Rectory’ hen houses
  • 170cm x 230cm
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Chicken Coop Liner (large)

Not only do these chicken coop liners make cleaning your hen house a doddle, they will also help to protect your coop floor from the inevitable!